A workout supplement containing the three branched-chain amino acids, or BCAA, is increasingly popular among weightlifters and others who want to build lean muscle more rapidly. The powder supplements also help muscles recover after workouts more quickly, helping people to feel less discomfort. What exactly are the components in a product such as gymjunkies bcaa? The ingredients are three of the essential amino acids, or those that people must consume because the body can’t synthesize them. As small components of protein, amino acids can be found in protein-rich food sources such as meat and eggs, but supplements may be advisable when someone engages in a great deal of vigorous aerobic or resistance exercise.


Leucine stimulates the growth of lean skeletal muscle and appears to help the body burn fat. It reduces damage to muscle fibers that normally occurs during workouts, thus preventing muscle fatigue and pain, and speeding recovery. Continuing to take the supplements after reaching optimum muscle mass helps maintain that acquired muscle. Some weightlifters and bodybuilders concentrate a great deal on this particular amino acid because of those effects. However, taking a supplement that includes all three of the BCAA category adds advantages, especially when the formula is crafted for ideal amounts of each.


This amino acid appears to increase endurance during workouts and help the muscle tissue heal afterward. Like leucine, it also stimulates muscle growth and boosts the body’s metabolism of fat stores. This ingredient usually is not taken on its own, as leucine sometimes is.


The similarity between valine and the other two amino acids in this supplement is with building lean muscle. Valine also is beneficial in the digestive system, particularly for the organs that produce and hold bile. That means it’s particularly beneficial for the liver and gallbladder. This amino acid is known as an energy producer that can enhance a person’s stamina during workouts.


A combination of these essential amino acids from a source such as Gymjunkies supplements is a convenient way to get all three in an advantageous blend. The powder can be added to shakes that people drink before and after their workouts.